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Body Language Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth
Understand body language

Your Body Language Speaks on Your Behalf.

To get trained in decoding body language and using it to influence others, consider using Body Language Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and other cities in Australia.

We are often taught that the way you dress can influence the opinion and actions of others.

But you can put on the most expensive business suit and still not convey confidence, approachability and perhaps most importantly, sincerity and empathy.

If you want to improve your ability to sell products or services in Sydney Melbourne Brisbane and Perth then you need to focus on one of the key elements in sales – people buy you!

In other words, you need to sell yourself first before you pitch your product or service. One of the mechanisms you can use to help sell yourself is to be aware of your own body language which is how you are perceived by other people.

Every human being, consciously or unconsciously, gives visual signals based on their body language, and these signals are subconsciously picked up by each person engaging in the conversation.

Body language signals include posture, eye contact, hand gestures, your facial expressions and a number of other factors.

As an effective salesperson you should know how to master the subtle cues of your body language as the signals you are sending out can make you appear to be out control, nervous or lacking confidence – all of which are usually deal killers.

5 Tips to Effectively Communicate with Your Clients through Body Language:

  1. Avoid Distracting Physical Activity – Swaying or rocking can be distracting for your prospect. So if you tend to sway or rock while speaking, spread your feet shoulder width apart with your toes pointed straight ahead – this will give you better stability.
  2. Avoid Slouching – Stand up straight.  If you slouch it sends a signal to the other party that can be interpreted as a lack of confidence or worse boredom. It may even be interpreted as lacking professionalism and interest.
  3. Hand Gestures – Keep your hands open and in front of you.  If people can’t see your hands it can be interpreted as dishonesty.  Also keep from flailing your hands in wild motions as it can be distracting from the conversation.
  4. Maintain eye-contact – A good idea is to look at the centre between the other person’s eyes rather than staring straight into their eyes constantly as this can be disconcerting.  Importantly, when first greeting someone and when finishing a conversation you should look people in the eyes confidently and for a few seconds. If you cannot do this, you appear to lack confidence, conviction in what you believe in and integrity.
  5. Head Nodding – By nodding your head in agreement when you’re engaging with people in conversation shows you are actively listening.  However try and avoid nodding in disagreement even if they say something that is incorrect.

Have someone observe you during one of your sales presentations and take notes about your body language.

You may have some habits which detract from your overall style that can be easily adjusted once you’re aware of what you’re doing sub-consciously.

Practice makes perfect and old habits can die hard so be aware of any distracting actions you’re putting out there.

However, remember that how you are perceived screams much more loudly than what you say.

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