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Self-Confidence Exercises to Build a Better You: Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

Building of self-confidence is not difficult if you know the right techniques to use and develop the perseverance to make this lasting change in your life.

Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course by pdtraining in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
Develop self confidence for self improvement

To learn how to build self-confidence the right way, consider participating in Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course by pdtraining in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and other cities in Australia.

Self-confidence is not what you are or are not; it is how you see yourself. This projection of yourself is what you need to improve upon so that you begin to believe that you are capable of achieving the most difficult tasks.

1. Think You Can

Whenever you think about a task that seems difficult, tell yourself that it is easy. You need to train your mind to overcome barriers it creates for you. Whenever a thought comes to your mind that something is difficult or impossible, just tell yourself that it definitely can be achieved. This simple contradiction works wonders. After you have contradicted your usual thought process that is damaging your confidence, go on to create a strategy of how you can achieve the task. 

All through the way till the task is completed, indulge in positive self-talk whenever you think negative or demoralising thoughts. With every correction, you are building a more confident and positive you. Remember that whatever outcome you achieve is better than having not started.

2. Begin to Love Challenges

Most of us like to stay within the boundaries of our capabilities. We seldom take up tasks that make us push ourselves beyond our capabilities. Even if you take up one activity that challenges your present capabilities, it will help you to challenge your abilities, grow stronger, and overcome complacency. The activity you pick up does not necessarily need to be related to work. It can be running, learning to swim, keeping awake all night, or learning a new language. Meeting challenges will help you to stay energised and positive while you develop a stronger you.

3. Avoid People That Discourage You

Many times, our family or friends, intentionally or otherwise, discourage us from undertaking certain tasks or making certain decisions. Their concern might be authentic. Before accepting their opinion, consider the reason for their opposition. Is it rational or are they discouraging you just to retain their comfort? After you have found out the reason for their discouragement, you will be able to decide whether to accept their judgment, disregard it, or re-think your plans.

If certain people have a negative approach towards life, it is best not to ask for their opinion on issues that you feel strongly about. It is best to keep avoid communicating with people who discourage you for no reason.

4. Pamper Yourself

To develop self-confidence, you need to love yourself. Take out time to pamper yourself. Buy new clothes, get a massage, watch your favourite movies back-to-back, or treat yourself with your favourite foods. It will help you to feel good about yourself.

Spend time with yourself and do things just for yourself. It might be once or twice a week, an hour or two a day – just make sure that you enjoy your own company, and you will find that you are growing more self-reliant and stable.

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