Lean Six Sigma Training Course Sydney – What is a Value Stream?

lean-six-sigma-executive-introductionWhen you attend a Lean Six Sigma training course with PD Training in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, Australia  you will learn about what a Value Stream is.

A Value Stream is all of the actions (both value-added and non-value added) currently required to deliver a product or a service.

It is the work activity and information flow occurring as raw material or information becomes a product/service that is delivered to a customer. It is the flow of paper and information from its origin or initial request, to the desired service or action, to its final delivery to the user or customer.  It is the entire flow, from door to door.

It can be comprised of several key process areas that together achieve the deliverable.

Using a Value Stream perspective means working on the big picture, not just individual processes, to find individual opportunities to optimise the whole process.

For any given product or service, a Value Stream spans all of the processes from the delivery of supplied parts, material and information, to the delivery and receipt by the user or customer.

It is an analysis that helps you to see and understand the flow of materials, documents and information as a product or service flows through the all of the processes from the customer back to the supplier.

The analysis is performed by drawing a visual representation with specific information about every major process of the material and information flow from the customer to the supplier.

The end goal is to achieve an efficient future state of process flow that integrates individual optimizations achieved from Six Sigma projects and other appropriate methods.

PD Training is a fully accredited Six Sigma training partner in Australia and delivers Six Sigma training programs via both a public schedule as well as in-house certification programs.

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