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  • Managers, and their team members who attend our training courses, enjoy the way we tailor the training to their needs and the immediate impact they experience back on the job.

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    The pd training/Leading Dimensions Research Grant program celebrates the launch of the World Leading Leadership Coaching Resources from Leading Dimensions Consulting.

    pd training takes a leadership position by developing and launching our industry-leading post course reinforcement framework.
    The framework includes 7 different styles of reinforcement, including our unique Training Booster System.

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    Managers and administrators love the pd training 100% transfer policy. It means they never lose their money on enrolling a staff member.
    Because credit from one person can always be transferred to any other staff member on any other course anywhere in the country.

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    pd training has recently launched the "Connected Classroom" in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Participants in public courses receive a 10.1" Android Tablet instead of printed courseware which gives them instant access to pre and post-course support and saves approx 500,000 printed pages per year.

    pd training is now an approved CPD provider for Real Estate WA, Australian College for Emergency Medicine, and Engineers Australia.
    More Nov 13 2013

    pd training is nominated the preferred global partner for Certification and Profiling by Leading Dimensions Consulting.