Training vs Coaching: Train the Trainer Course in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Train the Trainer Training Course in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane from pd training
Gain new skills to become an expert trainer

Do you need to train or coach? Which is right for you?

To gain important skills on delivering training, use Train the Trainer Training Course delivered by Pdtraining in  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities.

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If Kate finishes her work every day by 3:30 in the afternoon, and you continually scan the office to see who is behind and give extra work to Kate, she will probably learn to make her work extend until 5:00 anyway, so that you stop giving her that extra work.

Does Kate need training to improve her performance?

Of course not. Kate was being punished for performing well since there was no incentive for getting more work done than everyone else. In addition to that, the other staff was being rewarded for their slower performance since Kate was picking up the slack.

While her colleagues might benefit from training that helps them be more efficient, the other aspect to consider is that Kate needs an incentive to do more than the minimum daily expectations.

Would coaching suffice where training is considered?

Sometimes people don’t actually need a full training program.

A supervisor with skill in identifying gaps and providing coaching could potentially provide the support that is needed in 10-minute sessions of focused coaching. Sometimes staff just need their concerns addressed, questions answered or a new skill demonstrated.

Sometimes we tell supervisors that they are now coaches, but they may not know how to coach. They may not understand what a powerful tool coaching is, and so it’s up to you to help them. (Could your coaches use some training?)

On the job coaching (and training) can be a very good return on your investment, rather than long training sessions. Coaching can provide that “just in time” support that provides the employee with the information that they really need to move ahead.

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