Supervising Teams: Supervision Training in Sydney, Canberra, Perth

Supervisors need to learn how to manage and lead teams of employees to find success.supervisor training course

To gain skills in supervising, consider participating in Supervision Training Course offered by pdtraining in Sydney, Canberra, Perth and other cities in Australia.

Teams are made up of individuals who have to learn to work together as a single unit. Teammates often go through a difficult adjustment period before they reach their optimal level of performance.  Fortunately, the right supervision and leadership will enhance the effectiveness of your teams.

The Positives and the Negatives of Supervising Teams

Like everything else there are good elements and bad elements associated with using teams. Before setting up a team, determine if you are able to supervise the negatives and the positives.


  • Work is faster.
  • Work is more efficient.
  • More ideas are generated.
  • There is more consistent feedback.
  • Teammates teach each other.
  • Accuracy improves.


  • Teams are as strong as their weakest members.
  • Differences in interests make unity difficult.
  • The environment can become political.
  • Personality conflicts cause problems.
  • Leaders need to motivate people.

Work Team Characteristics

Effective teams share certain characteristics. Professional supervisors need to be familiar with the characteristics of effective teams in order to create a working team.


  • Direction: The goals and direction of the team are clear.
  • Expectations: Team members understand what is expected of them.
  • Qualified members: Members are qualified to complete their assignments.
  • Practical procedures: The procedures are clear and relevant.
  • Strong internal relationships: Team members work together and respect the diversity of the group.
  • Shared responsibility: The projects are the responsibility of the group.
  • Strong external relationships: Members work to educate employees outside their team.

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