What Determines a Good Customer Service Experience: Training Course in Sydney, Parramatta

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Excel at customer service with training

But what exactly determines if a customer has a good experience with the service he or she receives when they patronise your business?

To gain skills in customer service, consider participating in Customer Service Training Course offered by pdtraining in Sydney, Parramatta and other cities in Australia.

The answer is EVERYTHING!

Every aspect of a customer’s experience should be defined and outlined for each job role.  Once the criteria for creating a great customer service experience has been defined and outlined, then we can go about the process of teaching this defined methodology to your staff.

Good customer service might include some of all of the following aspects of your Brisbane-based business:

1.      Ease of use on the website

2.      Positive attitude from reception

3.      Warm and sincere vocal tones from telephone support staff

4.      Fast turn-around on call-backs and inquiries

5.      Fast turn-around on quotes and proposals

6.      Easy access to account managers and sales staff

7.      Having items for sale in stock

8.      Knowledgeable staff who are empowered to make decisions

9.      Timey follow-up

10.  And any other aspect of your business which a customer might encounter.

As a business owner you must determine what a “great customer experience” means to you, then you simply teach this to all new staff, and review with existing employees at least once per quarter.

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