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Time – You Cannot Buy it, Sell, Borrow or Steal It.  But You CAN Manage It!

Time Management Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney
Get more done

If you want to manage your time better, consider participating in Time Management Training Course offered by pdtraining in Sydney.

There are 168 hours in everyone’s week this and every other week.

Why then do some people accomplish so much, while others appear to get nothing done?

The traditional answer to this is Time Management.  However, it is literally impossible to manage time – indeed to affect it in any way (Einstein aside, I am talking business world here, not relativity in physics).

What we can do, is manage ourselves.  There are several simple, effective and easy-to-use techniques which can expand your own productive work time from the size of a Dr Who style Police Box to a massive spaceship which is really going places.  Today I will touch on one of those techniques, the “tomorrow plan”.

At its core, it is very very simple: Know what you will do for every working hour tomorrow, before you leave work today!

This means that during your evening downtime, morning routine and commute to work, your brain is preparing you for a structured, productive day, by subconsciously reviewing pertinent facts, personalities and expected outcomes.

It does make a tremendous difference, and it takes zero extra effort.  Try it for just one week, and post your observations here!

Me is the only thing in the entire world I can TOTALLY control!

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