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As with most other areas in business communications, there are two things which will impact upon your success probabilities more than everything else combined.

If you are looking to gain skills in communication, consider using Communication Skills Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Brisbane and other cities in Australia.

1.  Know who you are talking to and why.  Get a good calling list, and ensure that you understand the needs of your call’s target.

2.  Prepare and test your script.  Never try to make up a script as you make calls.

Test your script by role-playing with friends or colleagues, and work out alternative conversation paths based on your callee’s responses.  Create a calling flow-chart and STICK to it.

When on a call, never show frustration, irritation or anger, remain professional at all times.  Cold calling requires great communication skills, as well as Presentation Skills.

Another great trick is to have a small mirror on your monitor or wall which is aimed at your mouth….this will remind you to keep smiling while you are prospecting.

To make good cold calls, you need to be a warm person!

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