What is Professional Email Etiquette? Training Course in Sydney, Brisbane

Email Etiquette Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney, Brisbane
Know the dos and dont’s of email

The ubiquitous form of professional communication is now email.

If you are looking to develop email etiquette, consider participating in Email Etiquette Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Sydney, Brisbane and other cities in Australia.

As social media communication like SMS, FaceBook, Twitter and all the others take over all non-verbal communication in our personal lives, direct communication in business is still almost exclusively done using email.

Email is powerful and convenient; however it is often poorly used and leads to a massive waste of time in the workplace.

Some of the common issues with email in the workplace are:

  • Sending to more people than is appropriate
  • Poorly written ambiguous communications
  • Unnecessarily long emails
  • Emailing when emailing is not the appropriate form of communication
  • Sending inappropriate content by email

Emails falling into any of these categories can often lead to dozens of emails between dozens of people – often without any significant purpose or outcome – which wastes massive amounts of time.

Reducing this insidious productivity drain through effective email training is of paramount importance to all businesses, so take the time to consider the use of email in your organisation and consider the merits of learning professional email etiquette.

Once these fundamental communication skills are addressed, there are a range of other specialised skills important to all workplaces, such as business writing skills training courses and proposal writing training courses.

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All public Email Etiquette Training courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 1300 121 400 to learn more.