Improve Profitability with LDP Management Profiling Tools in Melbourne

Small businesses are most impacted when openings remain unfilled or when new recruits struggle to work through the learning curve for a management position.LDP Personality Profiling Report Colour Grid

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In a workplace where management already wear multiple hats, the impact of a hiring mistake can reach every corner of the organisation. This is especially true within managerial positions, where poor performance can erode teamwork and hamper productivity.

Realising that an inconsistent or ineffective hiring process means lost opportunity for its franchisees, a multinational staffing company based in Melbourne developed LDP profiles for a variety of roles within its locations, including the General Manager.

A key role within the franchise, the General Manager oversees administrative and operational functions, manages the customer service and sales activities within the territory, while also directing the financial and compliance activities of the office.

Often faced with diverse and challenging responsibilities, the most successful General Managers share certain key characteristics found within the LDP’s ten dimensions.

After developing an LDP profile for the General Manager role, the company found that those matching the profile achieving higher performance in every category including profitability.

Most notably, higher scoring managers:

  • Were awarded 148% higher performance ratings
  • Achieved 83% higher net profit
  • Maintained 19% lower accounts receivable
  • Gained 24% more new clients

Within each aspect of their work, operational, sales and financial, General Managers who more closely matched the LDP profile achieved higher performance (in both subjective and objective categories) and generated higher profits.

The result: higher performing General Managers develop higher performing teams, allowing the company to achieve more with less.

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