Advanced Skills for PA’s and Secretaries: Training in Adelaide, Canberra, Perth

To build your personality and skills to excel at your job, you need to spend time in learning the right things at the right time.

Advanced Skills for PA's and Secretaries in Adelaide, Canberra, Perth from pdtraining
Gain advanced skills to gain excellence

To excel as a personal assistant, consider taking the Advanced Skills for PA’s and Secretaries training course, delivered by pdtraining in Adelaide, Canberra, Perth and other cities in Australia.

Along with the will to achieve growth, it is also important to use the right methods to achieve it. Development of skills must be carried out at all times to excel in a dynamic work environment. For personal assistants, building advanced skills in their job is a step towards excellence.

Attending to Needs

As a personal assistant, you need to attend to the needs of your superior. It might sound simple, but executing various tasks of different nature every day requires many skills, including goal setting, management, organising, and specific skills related to the tasks to be completed.

Understanding the requirements that need to be fulfilled is the first step towards the successful fulfilment of a task. Active listening helps to catch the important particulars from communications so that when you begin working on the task that you are requested to do, you are clear on how exactly it must be performed.

Company Policies

A personal assistant communicates both within and outside the organisation. When communicating within or outside the organisation, make sure that you follow the company policies at all times. For example, your organisation may have a company policy regarding email or personal conduct inside the office premises. Make sure that you know each company policy, follow it, and also check if others are following it.

Company policies are there for a reason and breaking them will only damage the work environment and the company. Therefore, it is advisable to be aware of company policies and encourage others to follow them.

Writing Skills

Apart from verbal communication skills, you also need to have above average writing skills. To write professional emails, letters and other company documents, you need to use the correct format, consider your word choice, structure, and, of course, use correct grammar and spellings. A well-written business document expresses the professionalism of a company. It is a vital reputation building tool, especially when written communications reach the customers, clients, business partners, or the public.

Being Diplomatic

To manage people effectively, you need to understand their personality traits and respond appropriately. It is better to be diplomatic to build and sustain relationships than to be forthright, if the circumstances so allow. For a personal assistant, it is vital to know when to be diplomatic and when to be straightforward. This skill can provide you the power to get the desired outcome from communications, every time.

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All public Advanced Skills for PA’s and Executive Assistants courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 1300 121 400 to learn more.

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