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LDP Sales Profile Report from pdtraining
Use LDP tool for recruitments

Often, resources get wasted in recruiting and selecting.

To hire the right employee for the right job, consider using LDP Sales Profile Report from pdtraining.

In the process of recruiting new staff, most of us implement some sort of process like the following:

  1. Review CV’s
  2. Conduct Initial Telephone Interview
  3. Conduct Face-to Face Interview
  4. Test Technical Skills

Then after comparing all of the applicants we tend use a very non-technical way of making the decision as to who we hire; we rely on our gut instinct.

Even if you use a professional recruiter, you still have to base your final hiring decision to some extent on how that person connected with you as an individual.

When using a standard interview process like the one above, you still cannot test things like someone’s ability to sell or how they handle difficult customers.  Even using role play as part of the interview process still leaves you guessing as to how this potential employee will perform.

What if you could save time money and avoid bad hiring decisions by implementing a very simple process of personality profiling to your recruitment process?

Pdtraining provides personality profiling tests that can be used as part of your recruitment process, to determine if your sales team is performing at their peak and to identify key employees who should be targeted for leadership development.

There are also profiling tools specifically designed to assist organisations in building a detailed profile and analysis of their culture.  Reports include measuring workplace relationships, employee engagement and leadership effectiveness metrics for your management team.

There are specific tools which allow new and seasoned sales managers and sales people to identify the key factors that drive their productivity and relational style in a sales context and provide key sales coaching suggestions to help build a successful sales cycle in relation to the individual.

It is estimated that over 97% of Fortune 500 companies now use psychometric testing or psychological profiling within their selection and development processes, but you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to take advantage of these fantastic profiling tools.

So take the guesswork out of the recruitment process, start improving your staff’s moral and implement a process of continual improvement by using smart profiling tools designed to help you.

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