How to Use Personality Profiling Tests – Latest Recruitment Tools in Sydney

personality profiling tool online in Sydney from pdtraining
Use personality profiling for correct recruitment

Using personality profiling helps to avoid costly hiring mistakes.

To recruit right every time, consider using Personality Profiling Psychometric Tools from pdtraining in Sydney or any other city in Australia.

With a deep talent pool of well-qualified workers, one might think recruitment would be easier than ever. Yet, for the average employer, the hiring process can be arduous at best, and choosing the right new employee can be one of the most difficult decisions a manager or business owner will face.

Employers in Sydney well know the pain of making a bad decision when deciding who to hire for a particular position.

Whether they stay on the job for a month or a year, an employee with poor job-fit not only tends to underperform, but they can also bring down the performance of co-workers – this is the compounding effect of a hiring mistake.

On the other extreme, an employee with high job-fit can provide a substantial and lasting return on investment (ROI), as well as drive moral up and increase productivity through enthusiasm.

So what is the answer?  Personality Profiling Tests!

For a growing number of Sydney-based employers, personality assessments are the key to evaluating job-fit, while gaining competitive advantage in the hiring process.

Already used by Fortune 500 companies in the US for decades, Inc. Magazine reports that personality assessments can be particularly beneficial for smaller employers as well, “where the impact of hiring the wrong worker has a disproportionate effect” on organisational performance. By matching potential candidates to specific positions based on the requirement of that position gives the employer a better insight into expected performance and employee interaction.

As an example, you might want to hire an outbound sales person, so you bring in two candidates who have applied for this position and you give them both a psychometric sales apptitude test as provided by pdtraining. The results come back for one applicant as energetic and extroverted while the other candidate is introverted and prefers research, it becomes quite obvious who would be a better fit for that particular position. On the other hand however, if you wanted to hire a grant writer, having a gregarious, extroverted personality might actually be a negative for this detail-oriented position.

By making a small investment in a personality test BEFORE you hire a new staff member can save you much in future.

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