Achieve the Maximum from Meetings: Meeting Management Training – Perth, Sydney

Meetings are often considered by employees to be boring.Supervision Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Melbourne

Meeting Management Training Course from pdtraining delivered in Perth, Sydney and other cities provides skills to effectively handle meeting management tasks to achieve the desired goals.

Discussing plans, outcome of work and providing ideas is seen as additional work that is performed reluctantly. But meetings do not have to be a burden. They can be turned into an opportunity for the participants. Training in meeting management involves creating an active environment in a meeting to stimulate achievement of the objectives of the meeting including growth of the employees.

Saving Costs through Meeting Management

Australian businesses lose A$19bn a year because of the ineffectiveness of meetings conducted during a year. According to Professor Terry Robbins-Jones, head of the University’s School of Accounting and Information Systems, collaboration – including the time spent in face-to-face meetings – probably accounts for over half the total costs of any organisation. Timing meetings effectively and managing them professionally can help an organisation cut down costs considerably.

Successful meetings lead to the growth of employees, increased efficiency in processes and reaching of company goals. These factors combine to lower costs.

What Does Training in Meeting Management Involve

Training in meeting management provides skills to managers including:

  • How to plan and prepare for a meeting
  • How to set up a meeting space
  • Choosing electronic options
  • Meeting roles and responsibilities
  • How to chair a meeting
  • Successfully dealing with disruptions
  • How to take minutes
  • Methods to make a meeting exciting

After being trained in meeting management, a manager creates the perfect atmosphere in a meeting for the involvement of the participants. A dynamic atmosphere in a meeting can only be created by:

  • Proper assignment for the meeting roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the participant’s attitude and goals
  • Defining the meeting agendas
  • Choosing the place and time of a meeting according to attendees, agendas and outcomes
  • Making the meeting environment relaxed and fun

To achieve the desired outcome from a meeting, it needs to be planned and conducted skilfully. Training in meeting management creates meeting managers who are experts in conducting successful meetings in the most difficult environments.

Management of meetings was ignored by organisations, but as new studies are revealing the magnitude of wastage due to ineffective meetings, more and more businesses are looking at meeting management with new eyes. Training in meeting management is a tool to take a business to the next level.

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