What is Lean Six Sigma? Training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Lean Six Sigma Introduction Training Course in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane from pdtraining
Quickly know the essentials of Lean Six Sigma

At a high level, Lean Six Sigma is an approach to improving the performance of your company through the learning and practice of the disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma.

Gain important introductory knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methodologies by participating in Lean Six Sigma Introduction Training Course in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities in Australia.


The application of principles whose objective is to eliminate WASTE while improving process flow to achieve speed and agility at lower cost.

Six Sigma:

The application of principles whose objective is eliminate DEFECTS and VARIATION. (We will see later why Variation is bad… very, very bad!)

These principles are applied through a system called Process Management.

It is through processes that work is performed in order to deliver a product or service to a customer. The management of these processes so that they are effective, efficient and adaptable is the ultimate goal. You may elect to use various tools, methodologies, management approaches and technologies to achieve this goal.

You will learn that Process Management is the collection and orchestration of these efforts in order to assure our business success. Approaching all aspects of business from a process perspective will enable you and your organisation to significantly improve and succeed.   You will first learn some of the vocabulary of Process Management and then you will visually see how results from everyday work are organized from a process perspective.

A Process is a logical, related, sequential (connected) set of activities and tasks that takes an input from a “supplier”, adds value to it, and produces an output that goes to a “customer”.

A Major Process is a process that usually involves more than one function within the organisational structure, and its operation has a significant impact on the way the organisation functions. When a major process is to complex to be flowcharted at the activity level, it is often divided into sub-processes.

A Sub-Process is a portion of a major process that accomplishes a specific objective in support of the major process.

Activities are the things that go on within a process or sub-process. They are usually performed by a single unit (a person, a machine or a department). An activity is usually documented in an instruction.

Tasks are the individual elements and/or subsets of an activity. Normally, tasks relates to how someone or some machine performs a specific assignment.

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