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Pdtraining has developed a custom learning management portal for organisations interested in delivering executive level coaching and sales team coaching programs and reporting as a value added benefit of working with PDT.

This Training Management Centre is completely free of charge and allows learning and development managers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities in Australia to plan and manage their coaching reports and progress online.

Much can be said in defining leadership and in describing the ideal leader. One thing is certain: leaders exercise influence.

Yet, conventional wisdom suggests there is no one-size-fits-all approach to influencing others. Rather, the most effective leaders are those who can identify the approach most needed for a given situation, and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

Research published in Psychology Today showed that more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies use personality assessments in coaching, development and team-building.

Why do so many large organisations rely on personality assessments as part of their professional development efforts?

Because using an assessment provides a much needed roadmap, allowing the individual to recognise and address specific development needs. So important is an objective and reliable assessment of personality, that leadership coaches such as Wendy Rothman, of NY-based Wenroth Group, suggest such assessments can serve as the “absolute foundation” of coaching and development.

This is where personality assessments, such as the Leading Style Report (LSR), take centre stage.

You cans use the pdtraining online client management portal to view, manage and monitor your executive-level coaching status and reports.


You can also share this information with senior management.

So you can get started using the pdtraining client learning management portal immediately at no charge.  Simply complete a quote request online and your account will be set-up automatically.

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