Body Language Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Parramatta, Brisbane

Body Language Mistakes in the Workplace – Body Language Training Course in Parramatta, Brisbane

To look professional and confident at your workplace, you must consider your body language.

To build an impressive personality, consider participating in the Body Language Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Parramatta, Brisbane and other cities in Australia.

At the workplace, you are required to look responsible and professional. When communicating with your superiors, colleagues or subordinates, consider what kind of body language you must use. As in an office you are always among people, it becomes more important to use appropriate body language to create the right impression and build healthy relationships at work.

Body Language to Avoid at the Workplace

Body Language Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Parramatta, Brisbane
Avoid negative body language signals

Body language mistakes not only damage your self-esteem, but also your relationship with others. When at the workplace, take care to avoid the following body language mistakes:

  • Looking down when in conversation with someone
  • Yawning, frowning, or making faces
  • Standing or sitting with folded arms
  • Crouched shoulders and a bent back
  • Staring, or avoiding eye contact
  • Laughing too loudly
  • Fidgeting, touching the face, or running hands through the hair
  • Faking a smile
  • Standing with your hands on your hips
  • Adjusting your clothes
  • Standing or sitting too close to the other person

These body language mistakes create an unfavourable impression. They show lack of professionalism and etiquette. In scenarios such as meetings, presentations, or group activities, where you are the focus of attention for a certain duration, it becomes essential to exhibit good body language.

To build impressive body language, you must focus on the positive. Any positive facial expression such as a genuine smile, a pleasant expression, or kindness in the eyes shows the other person that you are open to communication. A positive body language indicates friendliness and accessibility. A person with a welcoming expression and body language is more likely to be approached by people for an interaction rather than a frowning person with closed body language.

Positive body language improves self-image. If you have confident body language (good posture, eye contact, a confident walk, pleasant facial expressions), then you feel confident about your ability to handle different people and situations. Inversely, a bad body language not only expresses negativity to others, but also damages self-confidence. As confidence is an important quality to have at a workplace, you must practice looking confident for a start to improved confidence. Once you begin to look confident, you will start to feel confident, and that will make you express confidence through body language even more.

Even if you have the skills and the knowledge to succeed professionally, how you present yourself is also of importance. By changing your bad body language expressions into positive expressions, you can enjoy better relationships and self-esteem.

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