Simple Ways to Develop Assertiveness and Confidence: Training in Melbourne and Canberra

To develop a personality where you can be assertive when you need it, you need to first know why you need it.

To develop a confident and assertive personality, consider participating in Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course offered by pdtraining in Melbourne, Canberra and other cities in Australia.

Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course in Melbourne and Canberra from pdtraining
Develop confidence for growth and success

Our personality is shaped as much from our environment and past experiences, as it is from our innate nature. We find many limitations in ourselves when we face different situations in life. If we work on our limitations, we can develop a stronger personality where we are capable of handling ourselves better, but also help others in managing their lives better.


From the moment you get out of bed, notice the words you use throughout the day, even when talking to yourself. Do you tend to use negative words such as ‘I hate traffic jams on the way to work’ or ‘These pants just doesn’t suit me’?

Being critical is different from being negative. You should be critical only when you have comprehensive knowledge of something and your judgment has the power to bring a positive change. If not, avoid being critical or judgmental about yourself, others and your environment. If you cannot help change something, it is best to think positively about it so that you can manage it better. Turn the negative into the positive for one day, and you will feel the difference in how you respond to people and situations.


When you are talking to yourself, use encouraging words. Pick up the positives in your life and think about what you achieved. An achievement for a day can be as simple as helping a lost caterpillar reach a leaf. Tell yourself to work towards the betterment of yourself and others, and you will feel good about yourself. Being assertive and confident is all about feeling right. You will feel yourself confident if you allow yourself to be unafraid, satisfied and honest.

Communicating with Others

Interacting with others is a challenge for many of us because we think that we lack the skills to communicate successfully. Moreover, we believe that others, especially those of a higher status or people of different cultures are different from us. That makes us nervous and we often do not know what to say when we meet other people.

If you closely observe, you will find that we are more similar in our likes and dislikes than we think we are. Everybody, irrespective of their status, cherishes a kind word and a genuine smile.

Sights and Sounds

We respond to sights and sounds at all times more than the other senses because we encounter them more. The way you look affects the way you think about yourself and how others see you. Dressing up smartly, even if not stylishly, will help you see yourself more positively and create a particular impression on people. The appearance of a person is a visual cue for others. Use it to feel confident.

To grow confident and assertive, you will need to break the mental barriers affecting your communications. You will become a naturally confident and assertive person if you remove the limitations that restrict your behaviour and add the positives that will bring a pleasant newness in your life.

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