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In-House training benefits:

  • tailored to your needs
  • can be lower-cost per person (vs Public Classes)
  • achieve better learning outcomes
  • great for team building
  • more convenient, people don't need to go off-site

Tailored Delivery - standard

PD Training can deliver any of our courses exclusively for your team as a 'Group Booking':

We will always tailor the delivery of your In-House Training to ensure it is relevant to your team, and targeted at your learning goals. We can incorporate your company's examples and terminology to ensure the training can be directly related back to your workplace. This is standard and included in the price.

We use specialist trainers for each course. Therefore, you receive a course tailored to your operational needs by a specialist trainer - every time.

Group Booking Options

The "1-hour Motivator" training classes

1 hour motivator class

These energising training sessions can be highly effective and can be used in a variety of ways.

Location options: Your Place | Our training rooms

The "One Off Team Building Energiser"

Many busy organisations use a single "1-Hour Motivator" as a team building session that is designed as a fun session focused on a specific learning needs such as Time Management, Email Etiquette, or Conflict Resolution.

The "Culture Creator Series"

By running these great fun sessions as a series (once a week or once a month), organisations can drive a behavioural change by maintaining a focus on specific areas. These sessions can be really effective to provide training that can be applied on the job immediately and gradually build on the skills over time.

"3-Hour Power" Training Sessions

3 hour training sessions

These great fun, fast-paced sessions are often the best choice for training for your team.

Location options: Your Place | Our training rooms

The most common situations where 3-hour Power sessions are the best choice are:

Outcome Imperative - Only specific learning is required

When you have identified just a handful of very specific topics for your team, and you want to ensure every minute of the training is relevant, outcome-focused and engaging for your team.

In this situation, we will work with you to select the most poignant topics from the full course outline (normally 3 - 5 topics from the full course) and deliver a tailored course that achieves the biggest outcome in the least amount of time.

Operational Imperative - Timing and scheduling drives the training

When your operational situation is such that you can't or would prefer not to have everyone off the job at once, or off the job for a full day.

Commonly in this situation, we rotate half the team through in the morning and the other half through in the afternoon, and often cover the full course over 2 x 3 hour sessions over two or more days.

However, we will work with you to find the most suitable solution to accommodate your team and their situation.

Full-day Professional Development Training Classes

full day training course

"Immersed in Learning"

Location options: Your Place | Our training rooms

This traditional Professional Development Training style is highly effective and gives the participants the best opportunity to really immerse themselves in the topics and explore topics in some depth.

The full-day approach gives the trainer and the participants the opportunity to build on topics throughout the day and provide opportunities to have lots of 'learning by doing', reflection and collaboration.

Your Place or Ours

Professional Development Training will come to you and deliver the training at your premises, or you can come to one of our facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Parramatta.

Conference Workshops

Conference Workshops

Do you want your conference to be memorable, fun, interactive and have a real highlight?

Location options: Your Place | Our training rooms

pdtraining's dynamic trainers can add that flair, excitement and much much more!

pdtraining boasts over 300 of the best trainers across Australia that can deliver a tailored version of any of our Professional Development Training Courses at your conference.

Our conference workshops can be delivered in a high-impact environment where your team is split into smaller groups or delivered as an engaging key-note presentation to the entire group - you decide!

Whether you are a looking to fill a 1 hour time slot or for an all day event, contact PD Training - we can help you.

Skills Booster Competency Development

skills booster competency development sessions

Reinforce + Collaborate + Coach = Competency Achieved!

Location options: Your Place | Our training rooms

Skills Learned in Training

During the high impact tailored courses delivered by pdtraining, participants gain a fantastic range of skills and techniques that are directly applicable to on-the-job performance.

After the course - without reinforcement

After completing a course, participants can be categorised into types of people - the "Implementers", and the "1-dayers"

The Implementers

These people will give the new techniques a try in the days or weeks after the course. As with any new skill, the success in applying these new skills will be varied. Some will find instant success and improved performance! Some will find trying the new skills the first time will be hit-and-miss.

The 1-Dayers

These people will give it a go 'one-day', and we all know when 'one-day' will come.

Effective Post-Course Support

Both of these categories of people benefit dramatically from Post-Course Support received from our Skills Booster sessions. The Skills Booster sessions are 1-3 hour sessions during which the participants receive coaching, support and encouragement as they share their experiences (successes and short comings) in applying the skills they learned in training on the job. The trainer provides coaching and facilitates collaboration and support between the participants.

These sessions benefit the 'The Implementers' by helping them gain confidence through the coaching from the trainer, and collaboration support from their peers.

The '1-Dayers' benefit by having the course concepts reinforced, and by discussing exactly how the course concepts are being applied by their colleagues.

Embedding Organisational Competency

Normally by the second Skills Booster session, even the '1-dayers' have become 'Implementers' and a new organisational competency will have been created.

These sessions are the most effective way of creating true organisational competency in a particular area, and to foster a strong learning culture.

Talk to us today about including this important dimension in your next training initiative!