Know Your Customers: Retail Sales Training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Make sure that you stand out above the rest to increase the opportunities for repeat business, and more importantly, referrals.retail sales training sydney, melbourne, brisbane

To develop the skills to sell better, you may consider participating in Retail Sales Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities in Australia.

There is no better way to grow your customer base than by being referred to others by happy customers. Learn practical techniques to sell more, discount less, handle ‘price shoppers’ and close more sales, while remaining courteous, professional, and avoid being pushy.

A retail customer is anyone who enters your retail shop or store and uses your service or buys your products.

If, for example, you work in one branch of a department store, and receive a call from someone working in a sister branch of the same store wondering if you have in stock a particular item – one which their branch has run out of, for example, then that individual technically, and temporarily, becomes a retail customer to you. They want something and are hoping that you can deliver it.

To do your job as a retail sales professional, you will go to whatever lengths are possible in order to provide the best service possible to whoever needs it from you.

Of course, the most regular customers tend to be the external customers who provide the “bread and butter” of any retail business; the regular day-to-day custom that drives the profits and income of a company.

It is also these customers who will, by word of mouth and other means bring your business to the attention of other potential new customers. Their role in a retail-based business’s success is essential, and these customers should be the immediate concern of any business.

External Customers

External customers are anyone outside your company that you interact with — not just the people who buy goods or services from you. External customers are what can be considered ‘traditional’ customers:

  • They take our products and services and pay for them
  • They exist ‘outside’ the confines of our own organisation
  • They are open to approach from our competitors
  • They may not always be dependent upon us for products and services and may switch away to our competitors

Internal Customers

Internal customers include anyone in your organisation who relies on you for services, resources, or information.

The quality of service you provide to internal customers ultimately affects the quality of service your company provides to external customers.

Most retailers will have a hierarchy of sales staff composed of frontline counter or sales staff on the floor, assistant management who support the retail staff and management who look after the business.

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