Training Management System: How to Plan & Manage Training Brilliantly

To manage training sessions in different cities, a training manager uses skills in communication, organisation, management and evaluations.

If you are looking for a training management system, consider the powerful Training Management Centre from pdtraining.

A training manager organises the annual training calendar, communicates with the training company, ensures the quality of the training is good, judges the performance of the participants, evaluates return on investment and  fulfills training budgets.

Training Management Centre from pdtraining
Manage training effortlessly

Managing professional training for hundreds of employees nationally is a daunting task, but it can be made easier by the use of specific resources and skills, and effective innovation and planning. For training managers to successfully plan an annual training calendar and organise the training sessions nationally, a highly-effective organising plan needs to be created.


Planning must be the first step in organising and managing training sessions because it determines the next steps that must be taken for successfully carrying out training projects. Effective planning lets training managers to prepare and manage each step of every training session without confusion, delays and inefficiency.

When preparing an annual training calendar, it is essential to include the names of the participants, their performance (past and present), courses conducted in a year, the date at which each course was conducted, and budget of each course. This information helps training managers to:

  • Evaluate which participants received what training
  • Judge the performance of each participant
  • Consider and manage training budget
  • Review the duration and time of any training course

Readily available information that can be accessed easily is a must for training managers to be able to plan, organise and manage training projects.


Use of innovative methods such as training management systems help training managers to plan, report and manage their training schedules easily. A training management software provides all the information needed to plan and manage training sessions nationally in a glance. In a few clicks, information on employee participants, training course, course dates, location and the price is made available. A major advantage of using a training management software is that training managers can view the professional training being given to specific employees in the past. It helps to review the training budget and to control it timely.

Training Management Centre from pdtraining
Training Management Centre from pdtraining

Pd training’s Training Management Centre is a unique enterprise standard cloud-hosted training management resource that provides the additional facility to book, control costs, access booking history, review participant details, and report and advertise (internally) national training initiatives.


To manage better, successful training managers use resources that help them to perform better while reducing their workload. Training managers save time in planning and management of training initiatives by using customised software specially designed to make their job easy. Training Management Centre is the support system provided by pd training to help training managers organise, plan, manage and review all training sessions their organisation ever participated in nationally.

Training Management Centre allows training managers to:

  • Control cost
  • Quote instantly for tailored training nationally
  • View participants, course title, date and cost of each training session
  • Book with a few clicks
  • Access past booking history
  • Negotiate rates
  • View student certificates of completion
  • Evaluate performances
  • Establish ROI in trainingAccess competency mapping
  • View certificates of completion for each participant
  • Access feedback for courses
  • View student attendance nationally

For an organisation that trains thousands of its employees nationwide, Training Management Centre is the tool to increase the efficiency of training managers and help plan the professional development of employees better. The information on Training Management Centre can be transferred to Excel and used by administrators to measure results from training for successful planning.

The presence of all relevant data in a single place allows training managers to plan and manage training initiatives efficiently. Training managers can become more efficient and productive without needing to spend more time and effort in planning and managing training sessions simply by using customised resources designed for them.

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