Sales Training in Sydney: How to Overcome Common Objections Part 1

Customers who are not ready to make a purchasing decision often come up with objective statements related to what is holding them back.

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You can overcome these objections if you are prepared to respond to them in a calm and rational manner such that the customer feels enlightened not abused.  Often all that customers need is more information to make them feel more confident about their purchase.

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In these situations you need to be careful not to start an argument with a customer or belittle their concerns.

In fact, you might decide to agree with a customer to a certain point but then show the customer a different way of thinking about the purchase. For example: “I know that buying new solar panels is a big investment, but let’s consider what you can expect to save in energy costs.”

There is a saying: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Although this is a common cliché, it’s a good example of how you can deal with customer objections by turning them to your advantage.

Naturally, people will be reluctant to part with money that they have worked hard to earn, and will not want to spend without being absolutely convinced that the investment has been worthwhile. This means that they will be on the look-out for things that will make the purchase less worthwhile.

Your task as a professional salesperson is to hear and understand their objections, but convince them to consider all the aspects of the benefits.

Common Types of Sales Objections

Here are some of the real reasons why people are unwilling to make a purchase:

  • They don’t have the money.
  • They can’t get financing.
  • They can’t decide on their own.
  • They think they can get a better deal from someone else.
  • They’re not sure your product will meet their needs.
  • They think your product is overpriced.
  • They want to shop around.
  • They have an established relationship with another vendor.

Each of these objections could be where your sales pitch misses the mark. Equally, if you listen to what they have to say and offer a different way of looking at things, they have the potential to be turned into positive reasons for purchasing.

Often from preliminary conversations it is possible to foresee what objection will arise and how to counteract that objection, and by your command of the situation you can convince the customer that you know what you are talking about.

There is a sense in which sales are all about control. If you fail to produce a counter-argument for one or more of the customer’s reasons for not purchasing, then you have conceded control to them and, more importantly, to their pessimism regarding the purchase.

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