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Why is Doing Business Like Dating?

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All psychological research tells us one thing: First Impressions Count!!

We all make a judgment on a potential dating partner very rapidly and instinctively, within the first couple of sentences spoken.

Similarly, within the first 5-8 seconds of the first in-bound or out-bound call, your Customer judges your Company.  First impressions are the most viscerally powerful, and the hardest to significantly change.

Very often, the staff forming those all-important first impressions are amongst the lowest paid, least trained and least appreciated in the entire company.

PD Training can be the “profile solution” for your business, creating a powerfully positive first impression, which will flow through to many extra sales, clients and additional profits.

However unlike most dates, good business relationships can last many years and provide rich opportunities.  Do not put all that at risk through the first 5 seconds of the first call – instead, call pdtraining!

A good date lasts several hours, a good business relationship, many years, but for both the first few seconds are critical.

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