How to Give AWESOME Customer Service: Customer Service Training in Brisbane, Sydney

Customer Service Training Course from pdtraining in Brisbane, Sydney
Develop expertise in customer service with training

Have you ever gone into a store or restaurant and the service was so bad that you promised yourself you’d never go back?

To gain skills in serving customers, consider using Customer Service Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Brisbane, Sydney and other cities in Australia.

What was it about the customer service experience that was so poor?

Was the staff rude or arrogant? Or maybe the service was slow? Or maybe they didn’t have what you were looking for?  Or were your expectations too high?

Well there is nothing wrong with having high expectations, so how can poor customer service be improved?

Did you contact the manager or store owner to share your experience with them?  Did you fill out the survey?

I’ve found that many business owners are so busy in the back of the business they are not always aware of what is happening at the front of their business, so it is important to give feedback on customer service; both positive and negative.

Great customer service can be taught and will offset almost any other issue a client may experience.

I recently stopped into a men’s shop at the international airport in Dallas to inquire as to whether another brand’s store was in the shopping area of the airport.

The person behind the counter not only told me exactly how to get to the other shop, but when he learned I was after a very particular shirt colour and size, he actually rang the store and asked them if they had exactly what I was after; which they did. And he did this without being prompted…

Now that was AWESOME customer service!

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