Personal Style Report – Personality Profiling Using LDP Online Profile Tools

Personality Profiling Tools by pdtraining
Use personality profiling to make correct decisions

The industry leading LDP Personal Style Report (PSR) provides individuals with a remarkable and detailed insight into their tendencies and behaviours as individuals, with a strong workplace context.

If you are looking for personality profiling tools, consider using Psychometric Personality Profiling Tools by pdtraining.

How Does it Work?

The PSR uses 95 items to measure two primary factors (Achievement Drive and Relational Drive) and ten dimensions (reported as five Achieving Dimensions and five Relating Dimensions)

How is it Used?

The PSR (Personal Style Report) is used in a range of contexts around the world including:

Training and Development

Training can become much more effective and have a much higher impact by using a process called ‘Personal Contextualisation’.

In this profiling process, participants are asked to complete the PSR prior to training.

The results are then shared with them and interpreted in a supportive coaching environment as part of the first stages of the training course. This profiling process creates a heightened sense of awareness and insight into their individual strengths as well as areas which require further development.

During the course, the tools, techniques and scenarios being taught are given extra meaning by applying each lesson to specific workplace situations and the personal style – strengths and weaknesses – of each individual.

Recruitment and Selection

With the help of pdtraining, Recruiters and HR Departments will develop a profile of their top performers, and determine the best cultural fit for different roles within their organisation.

Then, as part of the recruitment and selection process, candidates undergo the profiling assessment. The resulting report can then be used as an additional dimension in the selection of individuals into particular roles and departments based on their personal profile.

Adding this strategic Recruitment and Selection activity can increase successful hires of long term, high-performing candidates.

How Does LDP Compare to Other Profiling Tools?

Want to know how LDP stacks up against the other profiling tools such as MBTI, DiSC, JUNG, Hogan, Big 5, Craft etc? Check out comparative research here

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