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Sales psychological profiling tool

Having interviewed and hired 100’s of sales people in my career, it always amazed me how varying the results would be by using a “gut feel” approach to making hiring decisions for new members of the sales team.

If you are looking to use sales aptitude profiling testing, consider using the Personality Profiling Tools from pdtraining.

The outspoken person I thought would be the next “sales gun” turned out to be completely ineffective, while the quiet and unassuming individual was able to break sales records within just a few months.

Was I that bad at choosing the right candidate?  Well actually no, but there is a better way to get some insight into an individual’s core strengths and beliefs; psychometric personality testing.

Testing someone’s sales aptitude allows you to get a deeper and more thorough understanding of an individual beyond a standard interview or brief chat with a referee.

In fact, after implementing the use of psychometric test for recruiting potential sales people, we found a marked decrease in our staff turn-over.  We also noticed that when we started to rely more heavily on the sales aptitude assessments as a recruitment tool, we interviewed less and got better results faster.

The tests generate a report which provides tremendous insight into the behaviours of the sales candidate across each step of the Sales Cycle; Prospecting, Building Rapport, Discovering Needs, Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections, Closing the Sale, Servicing the Client.


As a recruiter, you will be able to consider the candidates based on their likely strengths and weaknesses at each stage of the sales cycle.

Additionally, the report provides insight through the Achieving and Relating dimensions to predict their suitability to the culture of the rest of the team.

Sales Managers

The comprehensive report looks at the 10 Achieving and 10 Relating Dimensions and overall style for each participant and predicts strengths, and coaching opportunities in each step of the Business to Business Sales cycle.

The accuracy and insight is uncanny, and turns the most cynical sales person to interested reader within the first few pages.

A perfect resource for use in sales coaching, it provides an objective 3rd party insight and coaching points that prove invaluable.

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