TOPS – Cutting Edge LMS in Australia

tops_lms_elearning_solutionpdtraining has pulled yet another brilliant “first” in the Australian training industry!


The TOPS LMS E-Leaning solution uses cutting-edge cloud technology to streamline both the training and more importantly the assessment process.

Getting staff assessed can be extremely laborious and time-consuming for any HR manager, so we have developed a slick technical solution which gives the HR team access to information at the click of a mouse and gives the assessors access to a wireless transmission of information.

The tool can also be used for instant assessment of a skill while on the job.  This recorded assessment is captured and transmitted, via mobile devices, back to the LMS system in real time.

If you are a HR professional please consider the following two scenarios when you engage with a training provider for a national roll-out of an Australian Cert IV or Diploma qualification in your organisation:

1. Using a Ordinary RTO

a. Continuous back and forth contact with the RTO with written reports

b. Staff frustration due to assessment process

c. Lost paperwork and/or redundant assessments

d. Late or incomplete reporting


2. Using the TOPS LMS E-Learning Solution

a. Instant access to a hosted system where all information is instantly accessible

b. Smooth assessment process recorded while on the job

c. LMS manages and maintains all documentation electronically

d. Instant recognition of assessment and qualification upon completion



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