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Process Management is about your ability to better manage the behaviour and performance of processes.

To achieve Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma, consider participating in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training offered by pdtraining in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other cities in Australia.

Process Management in the Six Sigma framework provides a systematic approach and knowledge about the true workflow allowing you to achieve improvement efforts.

The benefits include: Process indicators to help manage objectively, creates a focuses on the needs of the customer, the process and the business, provides a structure for the continuous monitoring of an organisation’s capability to meet customer requirements, establishes work improvement priorities, provides a common language within and across departments, it links together all process activities so the team can better understand and perform their work and maintains the gains achieved by problem-solving teams and process redesign teams.

A Process Owner is a person who manages the process end-to-end to ensure optimal overall performance, someone who coordinates functional/cross-functional activities at all levels of a work process, a person who has the responsibility to approve changes in the process and a person who sponsors improvement efforts (teams).

A Process Member is an individual who is a key contributor or supporter for the successful completion of the deliverables from the process.

It is important for you to understand that the core processes are made up of major processes which are then made up of sub-processes.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne from pdtraining
Achieve Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma

Some but not all of these sub-processes are critical to the success of the business. In an ideal world we would immediately know all the critical processes.

In reality, we discover them either systematically or because it is obvious they are causing problems.

Many people who have learned to think of processes tend to see process in terms of departments or functions. This is referred to as the “Silo” or vertical view of process flow. Value actually flow horizontal across the many silos of a company, in other words, core processes expand horizontally across the company.

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