Annual Salary Income for Six Sigma Black, Green, Yellow Belts in Australia

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According to Money’s Highest-Paying Skills for 100-plus Jobs, many Six Sigma jobs are among the highest paying. Among them are the positions of Project Management, Product Development, Statistical Analysis, Operations Management, Data Analysis, Quality Control, Strategic Planning, Process Improvement and Business Development.[i]

In Australia, a Six Sigma Black Belt on an average earns AU$100,000 to AU$123,000 a year.[ii] A Green Belt usually earns between AU$65,500 and AU$110,000 per year[v] whereas a Yellow Belt earns between AU$72,200 and AU$119,792 per year.[viii] Depending upon the job profile, experience and location, the salary greatly varies.

Below, you can find the income levels of Six Sigma professionals for 2017:

Belts  Average Annual Salary 2017

Black Belt


AU$100,000 – AU$123,000

Green Belt


AU$65,500 – AU$110,000

Yellow Belt


 AU$72,200 – AU$119,792

 Six Sigma Black Belt Salary in Australia

Black Belt is among the top Six Sigma certifications. A Six Sigma Black Belt holder is a professional who can form and lead teams, understand team dynamics and carry improvement projects in an organisation.

The average salary of a Black Belt is anything between AU$100,000 and AU$123,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.[i], a popular job search platform also establishes the salary of Black Belts in Australia between AU$90,000 and AU$170,000 a year.[iii]

The salary a Black Belt varies depending on job profile and experience. For example, the average salary of a Six Sigma Black Belt Project Manager is AU$117,916 a year.[iii] It can increase to AU$160,000 for those with sufficient experience.[iii] For an Operations Excellence Programmer Manger (Continuous Improvement), the salary can be $150,000 a year.[iii]

Six Sigma Green Belt Salary in Australia

Green Belt is a mid-managerial certification that involves implementing Six Sigma methodologies. Some of the jobs undertaken by Green Belts are Business Improvement Manager, Quality Manager, Continuous Improvement Manager and Operations Team Leaders.

The average salary of a Green Belt is between AU$65,500 and AU$110,000 per year.[vi] A Green Belt with ample experience can receive up to AU$170,000 per year.[vii]

According to, a Senior Business Analyst on an average earns AU$106,748, Continuous Improvement Manager earns AU$97,292, Customer Experience Manager earns AU$110,000, Operations Team Leader earns AU$65,500 and Logistics Coordinator earns between AU$42,711 and AU$76,909 per year.[v] This data was updated on Jun 3, 2017.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Salary in Australia

Yellow Belts have comprehensive knowledge of Six Sigma methods. That makes them capable to hold job positions such as of Project Manager, Process Engineer, Quality Engineer, Business Process Analyst and Supply Chain Manager.

The average salary of a Yellow Belt ranges from AU$72,200 to AU$119,792.[viii]

According to, a Six Sigma Yellow Belt with 1-4 years of experience earns AU$72,200 a year. With 5-9 year of experience, the salary grows to AU$110,000 a year. With 10-19 years of experience, the salary grows further to AU$119,792 a year.[viii] A Yellow Belt Project Manager earns AU$113,500 a year.[ix]

A certificate in Lean Six Sigma improves professional worth and increases pay. For beginners, it presents an opportunity to land specialised high paying jobs in reputed companies. If you are interested in a Lean Six Sigma job, consider getting a Six Sigma Certification.