Advanced Skills for PA’s and Secretaries Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Parramatta, Perth

What Your Body Language Says – Advanced Skills for PA’s and Secretaries Training – Parramatta, Perth

Our body language communicates more than our words.

Personal assistants may further their skills by participating in Advanced Skills for PA’s and Secretaries Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Parramatta, Perth and other cities in Australia.

According to studies, more than half of our communication is done through our body language. The way we talk, move, stand, and use our facial expressions gives signals to others on what we are feeling and trying to express. Along with that, body language also affects the way we feel about ourselves. It significantly impacts our self-image. For instance, if we use positive body language, it makes us feel more confident and assertive. On the other hand, negative body language such as frowning, drooping shoulders, or a hunched back tell others that we lack confidence and brings down our faith in ourselves.

Advanced Skills for PA’s and Secretaries Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Parramatta, Perth
Skill enhancement for secretaries

The Perfect Posture

For a personal assistant, having positive and impactful body language is essential. Your body language must exude professionalism. The most basic is a straight posture. While standing or sitting, you must ensure that your back is straight and your shoulders back. It is a natural body posture, which is best for maintaining good health.

Exercising helps to develop a good posture. A simple fifteen-minute running or stretching routine makes the body gain the perfect posture naturally. A good posture helps in developing a healthy self-image and expressing confidence.

Taking up space is a sign of power. If you take up more space while standing or sitting, then it automatically communicates to others that you are in a position of power. Having a good posture spontaneously makes you take up that much space in which you are comfortable, be it standing or sitting.

Pleasant Expressions

Positivity is communicable, and so is negativity. When we express positivity or even feel it within ourselves, it impacts others too. Therefore, to motivate and influence others, you must express positivity so that they become more accepting and cooperative.

When we are talking to someone, we often look at the face of the other person. Especially when you are interacting with somebody, use pleasant facial expressions to make the other person feel welcomed. Pleasant facial expressions such as a smile, kindness in eyes, and laughter can be used often to generate a positive atmosphere at the workplace. More than verbal communication, nonverbal communication helps to build good relationships with others at work and in life.


A vital part of nonverbal communication is gestures. When making gestures, it must be remembered that they must not be exaggerated or too subtle. Using your hands to express yourself when talking is a positive body gesture. It shows that you are confident when expressing yourself, and are deeply involved in the conversation. Many times, certain descriptive gestures help to make the content of speech clearer.

Most of us have both positive and negative body language traits. After identifying the weak points of your body language, you may start working on correcting them. A little persistence in achieving good body language will pay dividends throughout life.

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