Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra – Fighting Negativity in Yourself and Others

To retain your confidence after building it, you need to fight negativity from influencing your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

You can develop these vital qualities by joining the Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course offered by pdtraining in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and other cities in Australia.

Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course offered by pdtraining in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra
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In our lives, we encounter situations and people that bring out a negative reaction in us. It can be as commonplace as watching a massacre on television. Whenever we encounter negativity, we absorb it, and sometimes when we cannot handle it, we vent it out. Even though we cannot avoid watching or listening to something negative, we can practice to not allow it to negatively affect us.

Identifying Your Triggers

To control your reactions, you first need to notice how you usually react to negative situations or people. In other words, you need to know what causes you to feel negative. What triggers you to get angry? What triggers you to badmouth a person? What triggers you to feel bad about yourself and your life? Make a list of the times when you felt extremely negative and also of the times when you did something bad to another person. Then go back to find the trigger that led you to feel or do that.

The more items you have on your list, the better you will be able to see commonalities and patterns in your behaviour. After you have identified some of the triggers, you need to practise how to not allow them to impact your life negatively.

Impact Your Thoughts

Through your thoughts, you can prepare your mind to react in a certain way or to minimise a certain negative reaction. If a person at work irritates you for some past misdemeanour or for no reason at all, you can speak to yourself to minimise or remove your reaction: “I must be more patient than that. It hurt me in the past, but I am allowing this to hurt me in the present too. I hurt myself every time I get irritated seeing him. I must feel good at all times, no matter what.”Make sure you tell this to yourself loudly, and not just in your head. To reinforce it, you will need to say it to yourself three or four times a day, depending on how deeply you feel about the issue.

After you train your thoughts, you will see your thoughts, feelings and reactions changing from negative to positive. Remember that any kind of negativity from you might hurt others, but before that it will hurt you. Therefore, fight and defeat negativity before it can harm you and others.

Analyse Your Behaviour

You must analyse your behaviour from time to time and especially when you see it impacting somebody negatively. It will help you to understand the other person’s trigger because it may not be your fault, and to keep your own reactions in check as we all become negative at some point.

It is crucial that you be honest with yourself when judging your behaviour because if you do not identify and recognise your own mistakes, you can never correct them, thereby making it difficult to establish more positive and empowering relationships with others. Have the confidence to handle negativity and use techniques to convert it to positivity.

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