What Makes an Effective Salesperson?

effective sales peopleAre You an Effective Salesperson?

  • Is it a super-slick PowerPoint slideshow?
  • Is it a punchy, funny script?
  • Is it all the hours spent tailoring both of the above to your specific target audience?

Or perhaps a truly great presentation can only be given by someone with a real passion for sales?….. Or is that better expressed as a strong belief in the value proposition they are attempting to sell?

In fact all of these elements form just part of the toolbox of a true sales professional.  He or she is client-focused, fully prepared, and most importantly, has a documented sales cycle and knows how to use it!

A constantly-refined, continually updated prospects list, including current stage in the cycle and next required action, is essential for lengthy sales cycles, but stupid if you deal in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Our experts have done many types of sales and can build a curriculum around your specific role’s requirements.

“Have the right conversation with the right number of the right people and your targets will take care of themselves.”

pdTraining, 2010

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