Staff Recruitment and Selection Administration and Free Online Reporting

leading-dimensions-ldp-personality-profiling-tools-onlinePdtraining is a leading training provider in Australia and the USA and has developed a custom learning management platform for recruitment companies to use to manage your recruitment reports and staff personality profiles as a value added benefit of working with PDT.

This learning management portal is completely free of charge and allows learning and development managers to plan, price and book training across the entire range of professional development courses available in the pdtraining catalogue in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

For a growing number of employers, personality assessments are the key to evaluating job-fit, while gaining competitive advantage in the hiring process. Already used by Fortune 500 companies for decades, Inc. Magazine reports that personality assessments can be particularly beneficial for smaller employers as well, “where the impact of hiring the wrong worker has a disproportionate effect” on organisational performance.

If you are a recruitment company looking to create a differentiator for your business, then the LDP profiling tool is the perfect choice.  These next-generation profiling tools allow you to create individualised reports based on the LDP methodology.

client-management -portal-ldp-profiling-review-and-share-results

These extremely detailed reports provide you with an in-depth review of an individual’s 5 achieving and 5 relating dimensions.


Using a combination of diagrams, descriptions, and coaching points this is a tools purpose built for coaching and development in a collaborative and supportive development scenario. The report has significant coaching points, and predictors of behaviour in a range of workplace scenarios.

Coaching, Training and Development: This detailed premier report is ideal to form the basis of group training or a coaching scenario.

Recruiting: This report is useful for detailed consideration of applicants for senior roles – especially where a have not yet been developed.

This report is currently in use around the world including USA, UK & Australia.

Pdtraining’s client management system allows you to manage all of your LDP profiles and reports in one, easy-to-access online portal.

The client portal is free of charge and you get instant access simply by requesting a free online quote.

Contact pdtraining today to learn more about using LDP profiling tools in your recruitment process and how you can manage those profiles online at no extra charge.

Pdtraining provides over 100 different training courses and delivers over 5000 training days annually for the top 400 companies and many local and federal government departments across Australia. Contact us today to learn more about how our free learning management portal can make your job easier and more effective.