How to Recuit the Best Sales Staff – LDP Psychometric Profiling Tools

Even with an effective recruiting strategy, the process of screening candidates for sales roles can present quite a challenge for most employers.

Personality Profiling Sales Aptitude Test from pdtraining
Personality Profiling Sales Aptitude Test

If you are looking to conduct personality profiling in sales, consider using Personality Profiling Sales Aptitude Test from pdtraining.

With high unemployment and few openings, it seems all too common for job seekers to provide a dizzying array of information, much of which is handcrafted to leave the most favorable impression on a prospective employer.

This is especially true among candidates for sales positions, where the ability to “sell one’s self” may be a key factor.

For many employers struggling to navigate through the fog of exaggerated resumes and glowing references, the LDP psychometric profiling test provides an objective selection tool with the validity and job-relatedness that will make it much easier to analyse potential sales people.

Case Study

With a steep learning curve and intense competition in the industry, a professional employer organisation (PEO) looked to the LDP’s Work Style Report to help them screen candidates for openings within its sales development team.

The PEO developed a benchmark of its highest performers based on the LDP’s ten personality dimensions, and then evaluated performance differences between those who matched the LDP profile and those who earned lower scores.

The result: on average, sales reps closely matching the LDP profile closed 19% more sales than those who were a lesser match to the profile.

Case Study

In yet another example, a timeshare company implemented the LDP within an existing selection process for its on-property sales representatives. The employer recognised that the most successful sales reps were those who could quickly assess a buyer’s interest and qualification level, and then adapt their sales presentation in order to answer potential objections and close the deal.

Not a job for just anyone, and yet the employer was inundated with applications from those claiming to have just what it takes to be successful in sales.

The company used the LDP’s four-style grid to identify candidates for the new sales team with the drive and intensity to reach performance targets, the assertiveness to control the sales process, as well as the sociability required to promote positive customer relations.

The result: sales reps who matched the LDP profile earned 59% higher net sales than their lower-scoring peers. Not only did higher LDP scores lead to increased sales, the higher scoring reps were also more efficient!

In fact, higher scoring reps sold over $2,000 more per prospect – 79% more than their peers.

Any recruitment company who wants to deliver better results for their clients should consider using the LDP sales aptitude tests as a way to sift through the crowd and find the best sales people available.

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