Advanced Skills for Personal Assistants and Secretaries in Sydney – Developing Work Etiquette

A personal assistant can become an indispensable part of the company by developing work etiquette.

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There are various tasks a personal assistant needs to carry out during the day. Along with successfully conducting tasks, a personal assistant must also follow work etiquette to become an important asset to the company.

Be Sensitive to Needs

Advanced Skills for Personal Assistants and Secretaries by pdtraining offered in Sydney
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There are requirements that a boss expresses and there are minor adjustments that the boss might not spell out, but that are important for establishing a good working relationship. As every person has certain preferences, adjusting your work pattern and behaviour according to the work preferences and personality of your boss will help you to smoothly carry out tasks and develop a good rapport with your boss. 

If your boss prefers handling tasks one at a time, for instance, you must remember to discuss one task at a time. On the other hand, if your boss prefers not to be disturbed many times during the day, you may list tasks that need to be discussed with your boss and discuss them together. You will need to first identify your boss’preferences and then make small adjustments to build rapport.

Accept and Correct Mistakes

Nobody can claim to be perfect. If you make a mistake and your boss points it out, accept it and promise to make corrections. Accepting mistakes takes courage and shows that you are a wise and intelligent person. Conversely, a person that puts the blame of his/her mistakes on others or denies it reveals a self-righteousness and arrogant attitude. Your humility in accepting your mistakes and learning from them will help you to grow as a professional and a person, and build a good reputation at work.

Be Honest with Yourself and Others

You must tell yourself the truth about your strengths and weaknesses, and then work to use your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Be honest with your boss about how much you can perform and what tasks you find difficult to fulfil. If you need help, it is best to ask for it. 

While being honest with yourself and others, do not become complacent. Try to improve yourself by undertaking difficult tasks. When you fulfil the challenges, you will feel better about yourself.

Know the Importance of Privacy

It is important for you to know exactly what information is confidential and what can be shared. Make sure that you keep the confidential information safe and never share it without permission. Never share private company information over emails, as it can easily be forwarded or shared. Avoid talking about your job in detail with others, as it can lead to an unintentional revelation of company information. Dispose of important documents carefully after they are no longer needed. Any information about individuals or the company can be used for financial thefts and/or other damages.

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