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Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that can quickly become unhealthy and detrimental if not understood and controlled. It’s a matter of learning how to either avoid anger entirely, or how to identify and refocus this emotional energy in a positive manner, using it to drive interpersonal change whenever possible.

The 1-day PD Training Anger Management Training Course teaches you how to first identify the root cause of this disruptive emotion, then focuses on teaching you how to manage your anger so that you can use it to achieve positive outcomes. The training course includes skill development in resolving problems, being objective, handling angry people and negotiating and controlling situations so that your anger can be redirected and used productively.

Some students attend this course as required by courts and/or their counsellors, so please check with your local magistrate for approval if this is your intention.  We look forward to welcoming you to an Anger Management training course in Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth.

Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Anger Management Training Course

    In this course participants will:
    • Gain a better understanding of anger
    • Gain insight into the "fight or flight" response that triggers anger
    • Learn about helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger
    • Master strategies for gaining control of anger
    • Discover some productive ways for "blowing off steam"
    • Learn how to improve home and work life by better managing anger 

    This Anger Management Training Course has been Officially Endorsed by the Australian Counselling Association

    Anger Management course is officially endorsed by the Australian Counselling Association


    Duration: 1 day course


    Anger Management Training Course Reviews:

    "It's helpful for me to back on duty within our team and follow everything I had learn so far."

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    Helen, our trainer demonstrated excellent communication and people skills. her interaction with all of the MULBA-GNALI men's group was outstanding. Very well done!

    -IBN Tom Price

    Brisbane City Council logo
    Willingness to meet our individual needs as an employer (i.e. agreeing to our method of payment, offering a report regarding our nominated employee's attendance at training etc.) made my job a lot easier, and the supervisor of the employee very happy with the service. Thank you.

    -Brisbane City Council

    I found that the entire course was extremely helpful and better than I had expected , I do recommend this course for all walks of life.

    -Individual Public Class participants

    I feel a new start for me in controlling my Anger and my life. Thank you Adrienne.

    -Individual Public Class participants

    The moment the trainer told us he used to have an anger management problem himself, was the moment I felt at ease straight away. It helped to have someone who could empathise with us. The trainer kept the momentum going, stuck to his timelines (breaks etc.) and covered the content he wanted to.

    -Individual Public Class participants

    The trainer, for my course Michaela, made me feel very comfortable, and relaxed. I felt I could talk to her about anything, which is very rare for me to feel like that. she was amazing, regards Ty.

    -Individual Public Class participants

    I would like to compliment the facilitator - Emma. Emma is a consummate professional her delivery of the course was second to none I cannot speak high enough of how impressed I was with Emma, Her demeanour, communication and attitude made the day very enjoyable, I would definitely use the services of PD training again, especially if Emma was to facilitate the course.

    -Individual Public Class participants

    I found the course beneficial for my particular circumstances, it also gave me the tools required to build better relationships.

    -Individual Public Class participants

    More happy clients

  • Course Outline - Anger Management Training Course

    Download Anger Management Training Course Outline



    Anger can be an incredibly damaging force, especially when it is not controlled, that can cost people their jobs and personal relationships. However, since everyone experiences anger, it is important to have approaches to manage it effectively.

    In this one-day interactive workshop, you'll be exposed to a number of ideas and proven techniques for identifying common causes of anger, ways to step outside oneself and consider these situations critically, ways to re-purpose the anger and ways to avoid anger entirely.

    This Anger Management Training program will help teach participants how to identify their "anger triggers", then focus on what to do and what NOT to do when they begin to feel the sensations of anger setting in.


    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 1
    Getting Started
    • Pre-Assignment Review
    • Workshop Objectives
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 2
    Understanding Anger
    • The cycle of anger
    • Understanding fight or flight
    • Common myths about anger
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 3
    Do's and Don'ts
    • Unhelpful ways of dealing with anger
    • Helpful ways of dealing with anger
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 4
    Gaining Control
    • A word of warning
    • Using coping thoughts
    • Using relaxation techniques
    • Blowing off some steam
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 5
    Separate the People from the Problem
    • Objective vs. subjective language
    • Identifying the problem
    • Using "I" statements
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 6
    Working on the Problem
    • Using constructive disagreement
    • Negotiating tips
    • Building consensus
    • Identifying solutions
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 7
    Solving the Problem
    • Choosing a solution
    • Making a plan
    • Getting it done
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 8
    Personal Plan
    • Understanding hot buttons
    • Identifying your hot buttons
    • A personal anger log
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 9
    The Triple A Approach
    • Alter
    • Avoid
    • Accept
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 10
    Dealing with Angry People
    • Understanding the energy curve
    • De-Escalation techniques
    • When to back away and what to do next
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 11
    Pulling it All Together
    • Process overview
    • Putting it into action
    Anger Management Training Course - Lesson 12
    Wrapping Up
    • Words from the Wise
    • Parking Lot
    • Action Plans and Evaluations

  • In-House Training

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    In-House training benefits:

    • Flexible length - sessions as short as 1-hour
    • Cost effective - great group pricing
    • Greatest impact in the shortest time
    • Excellent Team Building Opportunity
    • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
    • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)

    Delivery Options for In-house training
    1-hour Motivator
    one hour motivator
    3-hour Power Sessions
    3 hour power session
    Full-day training
    full day training

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Anger Management Training Workshop
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