Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course

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To be an effective mentee, whether it is formal or informal, requires the ability to identify an appropriate mentor while being open to criticism and implementing suggested changes as required.

The PD Training Making the Most of Being Mentored Training course was developed for mentees and ensures that any mentorship program is successful and rewarding by teaching the mentee how to find a mentor, how to build a strong relationship and put the mentor's knowledge to work in a meaningful way.

This dynamic training course is available now throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course

    After completing this course participants will able to:

    • Know why a mentoring relationship is beneficial to the mentee, the mentor, the organisation and even to friends and family
    • Understand the responsibilities of mentees in managing their own personal development and career growth
    • Master the skills needed for fostering successful mentoring partnerships
    • Provide guidance on building and maintaining productive mentoring relationships
    • Identify techniques for maximising results
    • Learn new skills that contribute to the success of the organisation
    Duration: 0.5 day course


    Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course Reviews:

    "I loved the Personal Style Profile activity - Advisor, Counsellor, Driver, Coach. By having participants walk around and stand next to a profile of choice, it encouraged deep self-reflection on one's work style/personal style."

    Queensland Competition Authority (QCA)


    "Course provided a great overview of the mentor/ mentee relationship, how to approach mentors and how to manage expectations."

    "It was a really positive course and should be included in the regular schedule of professional development courses. It really opened my eyes to the fact that a mentor program should be more readily available to CDI staff."

    "This course is essential and should be included as part of Victoria Police Induction program mandatory for persons that will be managing and leading teams."

    -Victoria Police

    More happy clients

  • Course Outline - Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course

    Download Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course Outline


    As skilled, educated and motivated as you are, learning from someone who knows the ins and outs of your organisation and your industry can be a powerful business asset. But the responsibility to find that person, build a strong relationship, and put your knowledge to work starts with you. Learn how to create and maintain a mutually rewarding mentor/mentee relationship.


    Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course - Lesson 1
    The Heart of the Mentoring Relationship
    • The Trio Definitions
    • The Benefits of Being Mentored
    • Mentoring in the Past
    • Mentoring Today
    • The Trend Continues
    • Mentor-Mentee Mutuality
    • The Essence of Mentoring
    • Realising Potential
    • The Mentoring Commitment
    • Part Summary
    Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course - Lesson 2
    The Proactive Mentee
    • The Proactive Mentee
    • The Mentee as Collaborator
    • Inviting a Mentor to Collaborate
    • Managing Your Own Development
    • Our Own Motivation & Sense of Self-Determination
    • The Value of Being an Active Learner
    • Making a Habit of Lifelong Learning
    • Creating a Flexible Life Plan
    • Shifting Your Mental Context
    • Staying Flexible
    • Part Summary
    Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course - Lesson 3
    Seven Critical Mentee Skills
    • Identifying Effective Mentee Skills
    • Skill 1: Ask Productive Questions
    • Skill 2: Develop Triple-Level Listening Skills
    • Skill 3: Use Trust as Your Glue
    • Skill 4: Overcome the Awe Factor
    • Skill 5: Resolve or Manage Differences
    • Skill 6: Capture the Gifts of Learning
    • Skill 7: Internalise the Learning
    • Part Summary
    Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course - Lesson 4
    Building a Productive Relationship
    • Build a Productive Relationship
    • Form the Mentoring Relationship
    • Create Guiding Principles
    • Establish Procedures for Meetings
    • The Spectrum of Mentor & Mentee Interactions
    • The Evolution of the Partnership
    • Types of Mentoring Relationships
    • Align Expectations
    • Giving Back: Balancing the Relationship
    • The Emergent Property: Synergy
    • Part Summary
    Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course - Lesson 5
    Fine Tuning & Transitioning the Mentoring Relationship
    • Creating Balance in Your Life
    • Identifying and Using Learning Styles
    • Workplace Diversity: Gaining a New Perspective
    • Embracing Change
    • Overcoming Inertia in the Organisation
    • Transitioning / Ending the Relationship
    • Part Summary
    Making the Most of Being Mentored Training Course - Lesson 6
    • Course review
    • Planning engagement with your mentor
    • Post Course assessment if required

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    • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)

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Making the most of being Mentored
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