Don’t Let COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact Your Organisation’s Decision-Making Capabilities

Moving through the coming months more pressures will be placed on you and your leaders to make well informed decisions regarding your people and your organisation under different than usual circumstances.

It’s likely that many of us will find ourselves travelling less and attending less face-to-face, interactive meetings. Those meetings are usually the more important meetings, where high-quality collaboration and decision-making takes place. 

While we must accept this change in how we collaborate and make key decisions, we can’t afford to have those critical decisions be of poor quality due to the changes in how we interact, which may be forced upon us.

Organisational leaders will also be facing the additional stress and issues around managing staff working remotely, staff being out of work due to health issues and staff having to look after children or sick relatives. General anxiety levels will be higher than ever and you and your leaders need to be prepared to guide your organisation through this challenging period.

To prepare and support you and your leaders, it’s a real a benefit to work with partners who understand the situation and who provide services related to these challenges.

PD Training (PDT) has 10 Years experience, expertise and the capacity to support your urgent and critical development in Facilitation Skills (or Advanced Facilitation Skills) to help you and your leaders facilitate high-quality team sessions and make robust decision-making interactions more effective; even when doing so via a remote or virtual meeting.

Key Facilitation Skills Include:

  • Qualities of Effective Facilitation
  • Divergent vs Convergent Thinking
  • Encouraging Participation
  • Reaching Consensus
  • Maintaining Engagement

PDT also recommends that by combining those key facilitation skills with additional skills related to managing virtual teams, leaders and organisations can provide a pathway for very effective, virtual, interactive sessions.

Key Skills in Managing Virtual Teams Include:

  • Setting Clear and Precise Goals
  • Holding Effective Meetings and Group Sessions
  • Choosing Delivery Tools
  • Provide Flexible Agendas
  • Managing Results Not Activities

The proactive development of this combination of skills will be critical for maintaining business continuity and organisational performance as we all navigate the Covid 19 coronavirus journey over the coming weeks and months.

In addition, these courses can be delivered live online, which allows organisations to experience what a virtual, interactive event feels like and facilitate an opportunity for leaders around the country to partake and get upskilled without expensive travel or exposure to large groups.

PD Training specialises in training leaders to lead and manage virtual teams, so to learn more about preparing your managers for leading a different style of team in the coming weeks or months, please review these courses or contact PD Training today on 1300 121 400 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help you transition to this new style of leading and decision-making.