PD Training Client Case Studies

Managing Emotional Stakeholders – A Client Case Study

The continually changing needs of our communities and growing populations necessitates the continual development of infrastructure such as dams, roads, pipelines, tunnels and bridges in rural and urban areas.

With development comes the need to use existing land in different ways, unfortunately this often requires the need to compulsorily acquire people’s homes and businesses.

Compulsory Property Acquisition NSW recognised that to support its staff in these highly challenging roles it needed to provide an holistic professional development solution that addressed both the job skills required for the role as well as looking after the mental and emotional well being of these employees.

Leadership Development with a Distributed Global Workforce. A Client Case Study

For more than 10 years, Seequent has been leading the world in the visualisation of complex data to make meaningful differences to people, companies and the environment. The program was designed to develop the leadership and communication skills of 70 leaders and provide them with an opportunity to connect and collaborate with peers and to improve knowledge sharing.