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Active Listening Training -The Secret of Great Communicators!
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Active listening is the key to effective communication as it requires a real two-way exchange of information.  There is a big difference bewteen "hearing" and "listening with intent", so when using active listening as a technique you'll experience better results in your relationships both at home and the workplace.

The pdtraining Active Listening training course teaches you how to listen attentively, show real interest, understand what you’ve heard and how to respond appropriately. After using these techniques you will become a more effective communicator in all situations.

Pd training's Active Listening Training course is available now in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Parramatta and Perth.

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Active Listening Training Course Reviews:

As CEO I would note that the course content and trainer fully met my neeeds. I would certainly consider pd training for soft skills development of managers.
Individual participant
I found the training day very helpful for bringing our team together. I feel sure that the non judgmental attitude and the positive energy of the trainer energy left the group thinking "it's ok to open up."
Individual participant
One of the best training courses I have attended.
The Forrest Centre û Wedding Reception Centre
Anne was a fantastic trainer, engaged the audience the whole day.
Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals
Found the course and the presenter inspiring. Have used the skills learned to look at how I behave and communicate as well as listen to others within the workplace and home. Thanks.
Barwon Water
Great communication with all parties (both participant and HR) before and after the training. Reminder emails are a good tool. Our participant found the course very useful.
Precision Electronic Technologies
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Tailored Training

Whether you are joining into one of our public classes, or we are coming onsite to deliver a course for your staff our trainer will always tailor the activities to be specific to the needs of the people in the room on the day.

Our goal is to ensure the activities during the course are directly applicable to your workplace so you can put what you learn into practice the very next day.

View 100's of other people's feedback to see if we are 'all talk' - or the 'real deal'

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Experiential Learning

We all learn best by getting some background information, being shown an example or two, and then getting in and 'giving it a go'.

Our trainers run our courses in a very practical and handson way so you will learn by participating all day.

You'll be trying activities, discussing, collaborating and testing ideas out all day. So by the time you have finished the course you'll have some great approaches and ideas to implement straight after the course.

If you are looking for someone to read out a PowerPoint presentation all day, you are looking in the wrong place. If you want to really learn something you have come to the right place!

View 100's of other people's feedback to see if we are 'all talk' - or the 'real deal'.

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